2014 Safety Excellence Award

8 April 2014
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Esso Australia received the 2014 APPEA Safety Excellence Award at the APPEA 2014 Conference Dinner in Perth on 8 April.

The judges found that Esso Australia had been outstanding in several key areas – prevention of major accidents, safety culture, workforce engagement, and industry safety leadership.

In 2013, the company worked to complete the Kipper Tuna Turrum project in Bass Strait. This saw a new offshore production facility – Marlin B (pictured) – beginning production in October.

Despite the concentrated effort and pressure involved with building a major project, Esso Australia achieved a record year in its safety statistics. It posted a total recordable injuries rate of just 1.4 incidents per million work hours.

This reflects the efforts its entire workforce made to prioritise safety.

Esso also screens its contractors on an ongoing basis to ensure that they are aligned with the company’s safety focus and fully integrated into its safety programs. Esso’s contractor performance is in line with that of its own, reflecting the effectiveness of this approach.