APPEA HSE Conference, Perth Convention Centre

21 September 2017
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Just five weeks to go!

Make sure that you and your team are registered to attend the event that asks the key questions and delivers quality presentations for oil and gas health, safety and environment.

Day One (Wednesday 25 October) will tackle some big issues:
•  Are people already becoming obsolete in petroleum operations?
•  Will technology make our work easier, safer, and cleaner?
•  Can an underwater glider be used to gather environmental data that previously only divers could obtain?
•  Will all of this technology spawn new problems?
•  Can ‘big data’ be used to solve previously intractable problems and identify trends and problems before they occur?

The following speakers will present on innovation in their respective fields:
•  Daniel Habib, Smart Operations Lead, Woodside: “Woodside’s field worker of the future – safer, cheaper, better”
•  Fiona Hick, Vice President HSE, Woodside: “Datascience for HSE – a case study”
•  Prof Chari Pattiaratchi, Intgegrated Marine Observing System (IMOS): “Innovative ocean observations using ocean gliders and their role in ocean prediction”