In 2013, activity across industry continued to expand. Worked hours increased by 29%, from 119.4 million to 154.4 million.

Despite this increase, data reported to APPEA in 2013 showed a significant improvement in injury frequency rates:

  • Reported hours worked by both employees and contractors increased by 29% from the previous year.
  • The number of lost time injuries per million hours worked was 0.54, which is 33% lower than the lost time injury rate of 0.81 per million hours worked in 2012.
  • The total recordable injury frequency rate was 23% lower than the previous year, with a rate of 3.79 injuries per million hours worked.
  • Most reported incidents occurred during construction, production and development drilling activities, similar to 2012.
  • Most incidents continued to occur onshore – 92% of reported incidents in 2013.

For more information, see APPEA’s  2013-14 Health, Safety & Environment Report.