MODU Mooring in Australian Tropical Waters Guideline - revised document

1 May 2017
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In late 2016, APPEA released the Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit (MODU) Mooring for Australian Tropical Waters Guideline.

This document has been downloaded many times from the STFS and APPEA websites.

As part of the agreed process with NOPSEMA, APPEA is now seeking any feedback on the guidelines – including suggested improvements or changes.

The guideline has been revised to include a feedback form, which can be found in the document’s appendices.

APPEA’s Australian Drilling Industry Steering Committee engaged with NOPSEMA to determine the appropriate response to the March 2015 incident in which several mooring lines on the Atwood Osprey rig snapped during wild weather caused by Cyclone Olwyn.

An industry study was commissioned to inform the appropriate risk management approach for Australian tropical waters.

This led to the publication on 1 November 2016 of the guideline.

This provides a consistent and common approach to mooring mobile offshore drilling units (MODU) that are exposed to cyclonic conditions in Australian tropical waters.